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Here is a sample of what you would be doing in a Clay Seminar with Stu Matin

Sculpting a Nose
Working the clay for the nose 
and ball of nose
Placing the Nose.
Attaching the Nose to the Face
Attaching the Nose to the Brow
Trimming the Side Profile of the Nose.
Placing the Balls for the Nostrils.
Attaching the ball 
Forming the Nostril
Cutting the Nostril Opening
The Instructor Portion is complete, now it is your turn to do the left side!
Should your club be interested in having a seminar, please contact me
at 1-316-258-2902 or
For a catalog with full list of the blanks, instructional videos and other items 
that are available from Stu, check out the Order Information page.

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